International Symposium on Behavior of Arsenic in Aquifers, Soils, and Plants:
Implications for Management

Dhaka, Bangladesh – January 16-18, 2005

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Water-soil-crop arsenic interrelationships
ZU Ahmed

Arsenic in Irrigation Water

Building and improving arsenic analytical capacity in Bangladesh.
BK Biswas, RH Loeppert, GM Panaullah, JM Duxbury, CA Meisner


What are safe levels of arsenic in food and soils?
JM Duxbury and YJ Zavala

Arsenic status of water, soil, rice grain and straw of individual shallow tube well command area of Brahmanbaria.
ATM Farid, R Sen, MA Haque, KM Hossain, GM Panaullah, CA Meisner, RH Loeppert and JM Duxbury

Arsenic distribution in soil and water of a STW Command area.
MB Hossain


Arsenic in Bangladesh environment and its impact of food chain through crop transfer.

Arsenic in paddy soils of Bangladesh: levels, distribution and contribution of irrigation and sediments. MR Islam, M Jahiruddin, GKMM Rahman, MAM Miah, ATM Farid, GM Panaullah, RH Loeppert, JM Duxbury and CA Meisner

Arsenic in the water-soil-crop systems – PETRRA-BRRI-BAU-AAS study.
M Jahiruddin, MR Islam, MAL Shah, MA Rashid, MH Rashid and MA Ghani

Arsenic in irrigation water: spatial variability of As content and selected chemical parameters – comparison with BGS data.
MS Kabir, DNR Paul, S Sinh, MAM Miah, GM Panaullah, RH Loeppert, JM Duxbury and CA Meisner

Movement of Arsenic in undisturbed soil columns with irrigated rice culture.
MA Khan

Management strategies to reduce arsenic uptake by rice.
JG Lauren and JM Duxbury

Mineralogy and arsenic bonding in Bangladesh rice paddy soils.
RH Loeppert, GN White, BK Biswas, R Drees

Mineralogy and Arsenic Bonding in Bangladesh Rice Paddy Soils

Nationwide survey of arsenic in soils, water and crops in Bangladesh.
MA Miah, MS Rahman, A Islam, DNR Paul, ATM Farid, M Jahiruddin, MA Sattar, GM Panaullah, CA Meisner, RH Loeppert and JM Duxbury

Arsenic in the irrigation water-soil environment and flows of arsenic in the food system.
GM Panaullah, ZU Ahmed, JM Duxbury, RH Loeppert, and CA Meisner

Spatial variability of arsenic in the environment and in rice – implications and uses of information at different scales.
DNR Paul, MS Kabir, S Sinh, MAM Miah, GM Panaullah, RH Loeppert, JM Duxbury, CA Meisner and S. DeGloria

Arsenic in irrigation water in five thanas of Bangladesh.
GKMM Rahman, MB Hossain, M Jahiruddin, MR Islam, GM Panaullah, MAM Miah, ATM Farid, BK Biswas, RH Loeppert, JM Duxbury, and CA Meisner

Arsenic in Soils, Water and Crops in Bangladesh

Potential for arsenic contamination of rice in Bangladesh: spatial analysis and mapping of high risk areas.
Zev Ross, JM Duxbury, DNR Paul, SD DeGloria

Effect of water management and phosphorus rates on the growth of rice in a high-arsenic soil-water system.
ASM HM Talukder

Arsenic Dynamics in Rice Paddy Soils

Arsenic absorption by Rice.
Paul Williams, MR Islam, SA Hussain and A Meharg


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