The Bangladesh Consortium for Arsenic Management in Agriculture and the Environment (BCAMAE)

Graduate Fellows

Name: Md. Asaduzzaman Khan
Graduate Advisor: Prof. Dr. M. Rafiqul Islam
University: Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh
Title of research Movement of Arsenic in Irrigated Rice Soil

Summary of Research:

Movement of arsenic (As) in the irrigated rice soil and fractionation of soil arsenic are studied. The maximum As retention occurs in the top soil (0-5 cm) and As is found mostly Fe bound. There is a positive correlation of As with Fe & P, and negative relationship wit Mn was observed in leachate, soil and plant. Rice yield decreased and As conc. increased in rice roots, straw, husk and grain with increasing As conc. in so il..

Md. Asaduzzaman Khan