The Bangladesh Consortium for Arsenic Management in Agriculture and the Environment (BCAMAE)

Graduate Fellows

Name: M. Baktear Hossain
Graduate Advisor: Dr. M. Jahiruddin
University: Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh
Title of research Spatial variation of arsenic in a shallow-tube well command area of Faridpul

Summary of Research:

An investigation is mae on the spatial variability of arsenic (As) in the channel water and field soils of a shallow tube-well (STW) command area. It appears that the As concentration of both water and soil decreases with distance from the pump source. The soil porewater usually contains higher amount of As (>150 ppb) compared to irrigation water As (<150 ppb) and there exists strong correlation with soil Fe, Mn and Ps contents.

M. Baktear Hossain