7th International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements
Uppsala, Sweden – June 15-19, 2003

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Arsenic in irrigation waters, soils and rice grains in some areas of Bangladesh.
ZU Ahmed, GM Panaullah and MS Rahman

Adsorption of As(V)/As(III) on TiO2 and the photocatalytic oxidation of As(III).
BK Biswas and RH Loeppert

Impact of soil Fe oxide on retention of arsenic in Bangladesh rice-producing soils.
BK Biswas, RH Loeppert, MB Hossain, GKMM Rahman, M Jahiruddin, MAM Miah, TM Farid, GM Panaullah, CM Meisner and JM Duxbury

Arsenic distribution in soil-water-plant linking agro-ecology of Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh.
ATM Farid, KM Hossain, R Sen, MA Haque, GM Panaullah, CR Meisner, RH Loeppert and JM Duxbury

Mono- and Di-methyl arsenic(V) adsorption on iron oxides.
BJ Lafferty and RH Loeppert

Arsenic adsorption on iron oxides

Adsorption, desorption and stabilization behavior of arsenic(V) on Al3+ substituted Fe3+ oxides.
Y Masue, RH Loeppert, T Kramer and GN White

The arsenic hazard in the irrigation water-soil-plant system in Bangladesh: a preliminary assessment.
GM Panaullah, ZU Ahmed, GKMM Rahman, M Jahiruddin, MAM Miah, ATM Farid, BK Biswas, JG Lauren, RH Loeppert, JM Duxbury and CA Meisner


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